Prasara Yoga

The 'Hug' that Unleashed Limitless Power in My Life.

Dear Friend,

All my life teachers told me I was unlikely to succeed, especially athletics. My learning disabilities, joint disease and legal blindness coupled with poor nutrition and lack of quality movement caused me to become an obese child.

Due to the violence visited upon me throughout my childhood, I had great difficulty trusting any would-be mentor in my life. So, when a little, old woman from India comes along into my life and "hugs" me telling me that I have limitless power within me, I remained skeptical until the weight of evidence proved her to be right.

Finding Unconventional Wisdom and Developing Uncommon Sense!

I spent decades seeking physical vitality. At an early age, my "defects" made common methods to be impractical. So, I began my journey. Traveling the globe, I studied in the labs of the x-Soviet Olympic coaches and special forces trainers, and research scientists, to learn the science of flow. Despite having won international championships in wrestling and kickboxing, it took a tiny yoga guru to show me that my true power had been untapped.

You can imagine how hard it was to believe. I went from "disabled" to decorated with the highest athletic distinction in the former Soviet Union - the Honourable Master of Sport. There couldn't be an easier and more effective way, right? I had to fight off the disability, abuse and ridicule in the manner I did, right? Wrong. I learned from this petite teacher that my visual, physical and mental challenges allowed me to see, feel and think in a unique and empowering way.

I didn't want to hear that the many hours of daily exercise only scratched the surface of my true process. Yet I saw my teacher, Sri Mata Amritanandamayi Devi, spend day after day hearing the story of her students, without fatigue, without exhaustion. She actually grew with energy as she flowed from one individual to the next.

I had been getting tired after only a couple hours of practice, and here she went on for days without eating. She's "hugged" 30 million students in 30 years. That was the energy that I've truly wanted!

What I Experienced Resonated Through Every Part of My Body!

I believe that everyone should find their true power in their own Process. But I have a moral obligation to share the path which I was blessed to discover. Before I met my little Indian guru, I was sure that I could express my power. But the yoga I learned from her targeted each vulnerability in my body that professional sports science hadn't touch. In one "Hug" I realized that Amma "had me."

I surrendered all that I thought I understood about "body-flow" and began to working on the yogic routines called Prasara which would address each and every weakness throughout the human body. Just imagine, when this 51 year old woman could do things that a 32 year old world-class athlete couldn't even approximate. I tell you this: it deafens any of the ego's prideful protests.

The power that Amma taught me to uncork had such an all-encompassing and immediate impact upon me that for the past seven years I have been sharing my discoveries with thousands upon thousands of people from around the world, young and old. The results for them have been as stunning and dramatic as they were for me. The weight of these testimonials demonstrated undeniable proof to me that this yoga works rapidly and for everyone!

Who is Prasara Yoga for?

  •  It's for the time-sensitive man and woman who have trouble fitting in a fast and effective workout.
  •  It's for the "road warrior" who spends more time in hotels than in their own bed. 
  •  It's for for the refugees from conventional exercise who want to recover from all their aches and pains.
  •  It's for all of my fellow athletes, fighters, soldiers and police and their special needs.
  •   But just as importantly ... IT'S FOR those of you who haven't ever done one workout in years. 

Only 5 Minutes = Dramatic Results!

Yeah, that was hard for me to understand too. Too good to be truly usually is, but in this case, it's definitely TOO TRUE and Good!

With conventional exercise approaches you have to do at least 35 minutes a day, plus several hours of weight lifting to get results. Prasara Yoga is a totally different creature. I've made world champions "tap out" in only 14 minutes, and I've seen an 87 year old man lift his arm much higher than he had been able to in 40 years with his first 5 minutes of practice. For the complete newbie, you'll get the results you've been starved for in, yes, a "five minute miracle."

Yes, you can read that again. I'm not joking.

Never Worry About Time Again!

Throw away all of those day long "pukey" workouts. With Prasara Yoga, you need only your own body and one little "Begin Right Now" commitment to perform only a few minutes daily.

The Secret Ingredient in this transformative elixir is that you don't need grueling daily suicide to give you the results you want. I honor hard-work, but if I can teach you anything, please let it be this: just because you can work hard, doesn't mean you have to all the time, or even need to! You live in a state of unlimited power, energy and bliss, and you need only open the sluice gates.

For a lot of folks, performing one movement is all that they can do at first, and they're wobbly like a Washingtong windstorm. Regardless if you didn't feel like you "worked out" the movements are transforming you into a more powerful, pain-free version of yourself. What took me many years of scientific study to learn - but only minutes with a true master to experience - was that your physical body has its own energetic intelligence which will erupt from you effortlessly and abundantly, if you step out of your own way and not stifle its flow.

You can't seek flow. Flow is the way.

When you experience what I'm saying, as I and thousands of others have, you'll become someone who can go and go and go. Instead of exhaustion, you'll experience energy and excitement. Your power and stamina will flow outward into everything you do. You'll feel so good, you won't remember your waistline until your friends point out how HOT you look!

New Progress from Ancient Methods

Are the movements in Prasara Yoga new inventions? Yoga is thousands of years hold, but this method of "flow beyond thought" (which is what Prasara means in Sanskrit) was virtually lost to the world because of the freakish fixation on conventional weights and $14,000 treadmills. Most "weekend certification" yoga in the West tries to teach you a few basic yoga poses so you can "stretch out" - which is like eating a healthy nutritious meal so you can stop your tummy from growling: it'll work, but it's missing the point!

Prasara was written about in 200B.C. in the "bible" of yoga, The Yoga Sutras compiled by the author Patanjali, so it's not NEW, but it make a "New You!"

Before Prasara Yoga, I had studied the science of flow with the top researchers in the former Soviet Union, where sport was a political platform. Billions of Rubles were spent in this "think-tank" of Olympic Coaches, Special Forces Trainers, Psycho-Physiologists and Biomechanics Researcher Doctors. I had the privilege of being the first American to study behind that "Iron Curtain" and benefit from their findings. They applied "flow psychology" to all of their athletes and military personnel with uniform success which made the USSR a legendary opponent.

But it wasn't until I was blessed by becoming a devotee to a living saint that I understood how the Science of Flow is an Art of Living; I discovered how this cutting-edge science came from an ancient physical discipline. There's nothing "new under the Sun" but there is much that becomes lost to us. And now I have been given the honor of sharing this Prasara Yoga with you.

"Amplifies Your Spirit
Quiets Your Mind
and Makes Savage Your Body!"

There's one primary rationale behind the universal effectiveness of Prasara Yoga - because it finds the hidden vulnerabilities in your body like the missing bulbs on the Christmas tree, plugs them back into your nervous system, and as a result "completes the circuit" allowing an unlimited abundance of energy to CHARGE YOU UP!

So, just investing a few minutes each day in these movements pays off with massive dividends of energy.

You get all of the fitness attributes - power, stamina and mobility - simultaneously. And yes, the fat evaporates allowing you to fit back into those fabulous clothes you've wanted to adorn your sexy bod. You can have that RIGHT NOW if you stop thinking about it, start DOING it.

That's me talking to 3.8 Million Listeners on the Body-And-Soul Radio Show.

14 Ways Prasara Yoga Will Change Your Life!

Dedicate yourself to this program and you'll transform in record time. As a matter of fact, I've compiled a 14 point list of the potent results that thousands upon thousands of others around the planet have reaped from the Prasara Yoga course. Here, read for yourself what others have said:

  1.  Have pain evaporate like it was never there! The chronic aches and pains from weight-lifting, running and aerobics will disappear.
  2.  Turn up your metabolic furnace so that fat cannot hang on your body and just melts off of the heat of your daily play; yes, that means wearing those awesome clothes that you've dreamed of wearing.
  3.  Power and Mobility can develop at the same time, so you don't have to have two programs to develop both ends of the fitness spectrum, just one!
  4.  Develop true functional muscle, not the bulky immobile kind. Move like a jaguar rather than like a tank.
  5.  Quintuple your Stamina in 28 days. Never Feel Fatigued Again!
  6.  14 Minutes will Feel Fantastic! There is a biochemical change which even rewires your brain to higher efficiency when you invest only 14 minutes (and sometimes less) in my program.
  7.  Have the ability to express power that conventional weight-training can never give you. Qualitative changes in your movement will make you flow like a world-champion martial artist.
  8.  Drink from the Fountain of Youth! The Sufi master I studied with taught me how this method literally "turns back the hands of the clock" by preventing accelerated aging and decay. If you don't, you're committing daily suicide.
  9.  Sleep like a smiling baby! Remember what it felt like to sleep completely relaxed and awaken totally refreshed!
  10.  Get 6 Times the Recovery Rate! When you do get out of breath, faster than even a world-class fighter, you'll recovery your heart rate and amaze your doctors!
  11.  Have more free time since you don't have to waste 2 hours a day at the gym plus driving time, plus gym memberships.
  12.  Restore your self-confidence. There is unlimited power within you, unstoppable and unquenchable; total strangers will begin to comment on your leadership abilities in a crisis and in life in general.
  13.  Get plugged in to a deeper energetic power, an undying well-pool of creativity, spontaneity and compassion.
  14.  Never be gymless, because you are your own health club. Carry your exercise with you wherever you are, whenever you want to play!

Prasara Yoga: Flow Beyond Thought has 181 efficiently powerful movements along with five different programs for get-in-shape fast and furious and forever.


Om Amriteswaryai Namaha.